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Under the theme ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL: BUILDING CITIZENSHIP, the edition of São Paulo’s International Architecture Biennial, intend to the realization of a Biennial with emphasis in the didactic aspect, strictly directed to a huge  no specialized and opinion creative public.

It aims to an open, wide and dynamic Biennial, characterized by the dialogues, by the ideas debate, propositions and solutions with its own character amplified which is present since the first edition. It also aims to anticipate themes and help society in the studies of relevant issues related to Architecture and Urbanism.

More than a reckoning exposition, São Paulo’s International Architecture Biennial, as noticed till now, is also a knowledge generator. And this is the characteristic to be valued in 2011.

The priority of this biennial edition will aim to show to the general citizen that he lives, interacts, creates, procreates studies, works, products, occupies, takes a walk, cheer, thrills, and feels emotion in an Environment where Architecture and Urbanism is a constant presence. It is not as a stage unanimated from life in society, but as a defining agent of its quality.  

From the working place to the living space, from the rush avenue to the leisure square, from school to the girlfriend meeting point, from the hospital to the high capable transport station we will have the explicit inseparability that exist between Architecture and Urbanism and  and the society everyday and its  life quality.

The General Exhibition aims to show the contemporary production of National and International Architecture and Urbanism, and to promote the debate in the light of the theme of ninthBia “ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL, BUILDING CITIZENSHIP”.

Project are expected to be enrolled from Architects and Urbanists to be exposed in the General Exhibition, from any nationality, autonomous architects or team coordinators. The Architect and Urbanist enrolled must be registered on the Councils, Orders or Similar Professional Institutions in their country, recognized by the International Union of Architects – UIA.

Projects and buildings are expected to be enrolled on the several fields of Architecture and Urbanism, showing a significant contribution to the debate of the theme of ninthBia “ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL, BUILDING CITIZENSHIP”

The enrolled projects must be elaborated in the last three years, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The same rule is applied in the case of constructed buildings, which should have been completed in the same period.

Questions about the terms of this Announcement and Regulation must be directed to the curatorship by the email expo@nonabia.com.br

The enrollment will be set by each project, in other words, each project will correspond to a new enrollment.

The architect and urbanist should send the project enrollment to the email expo@nonabia.com.br  , in a single digital PDF file with the following documents:

• Signed registration form (model)
• Professional registration document copy
• Registration fee payment receipt copy

The deadline for participation registration of enrollments is at 6 p.m. on September 8th, 2011.

After sending the registration form and documents necessary for its approval, the enrollee will receive an e-mail containing LOGIN and PASSWORD for the submission of the project which will be sent for analysis and selection.

The deadline for submission of projects for selection is at 11 p.m. on September 9th, 2011.

Registration fee value
The Architects and Urbanists who live outside from Brazil, will pay a registration fee in the amount of U$$ 150,00 (a hundred and fifty american dollars) for each project enrolled.

Bank account details:
City: New York
Country: USA
Account: 3544034644001

Destination Bank: Santander S /A
Santander Bank number: 033
Agency: 0083
Current Account: 13 005744-5
CNPJ: 46.226.148/0001-40
Account holder: Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil - Departamento de São Paulo
IAB/SP Address: Rua Bento Freitas, 306 - 4º andar, Vila Buarque  - 01220-000 - São Paulo – Brazil
Bank Address: Praça da República, 291 – República,  01045-001, - São Paulo -  Brazil

5. Projects Selection
The projects will be selected by the curatorship, who will be supported by an International Commission consisted of architects and  urbanists connected to the different kinds of  interaction in the profession.

There will be no resources of the any kind against the decisions of the International Commission Selection.

The selection results will be announced on September 19th, 2011.

The General Exhibition enrollees agree to allow the ninthBia  the authorization of Exhibition,  disclosure and publication in any media of the presented projects, as well as the list names of responsible professionals  enrollees and / or participants, at any time without incurring in any kind of compensation.

The participation in the General Exhibition implies, by enrollees in strict and full compliance and full acceptance of this Announcement and Regulation, in all terms and conditions, with the express resignation of any others eventual claimed rights except those guaranteed by the law.

For the selection stage will be presented the enrollees projects synthesis with the necessary information for analysis by curatorship and an International Commission of Selection.

The projects must be presented for selection in a single digital PDF file, in low resolution, containing:

• Technical Form (model)
• A maximum of 03 (three) boards of drawing in the A1 size (model)

The selected projects will be displayed in two modalities: Physical Support and Digital Support.

For selected projects to be exhibited in the Material Support modality, more than drawing boards, will be required model and electronic files.
For selected projects to be exhibited in the Digital Support modality, will be required only digital files.

The final material composition to be exposed will be indicated to the selected ones after the selection process, accordingly to the  indicated  modality by the curatorship and the International Commission of Selection.

The selected projects for exhibition on both modalities should be sent until October 19th, 2011.

The selected projects for the exhibition will compete on two awards: one award granted by International Judging Commission and the other granted by the visitor’s public.

September 8th, 2011: Enrollments deadline
September 9th, 2011: Submission of projects for selection
September 19th, 2011: Disclosure of projects selected results for the General Exhibition
October 19th, 2011: Submission of the selected projects for the General Exhibition in both modalities